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Who is Hooker Audio?

So Hooker Audio was started in 1998 with a couple guys getting together at another's manufacturer's training event.  The whole event was about "How the cable looked" and "How thick the cable seemed to the customer".  This was not what was important to get a good quality signal.  With our starting engineering staff we decide that we would make wire different than the way the "other guys" were doing it.  That is why all of our wire is 99.9% Oxygen Free Copper(OFC) and is sized according to American Wire Gauge(AWG) standards. 

We always had the mindset of "Built by installers, for installers" and that still holds true today.  Since 1998, we have continued to modify and change our products to make it as easy to install as possible.  The function of the product was kept and we wanted to make sure there was no issue.  This continues today with our vast dealer network.  They contact us on a daily basis to give us suggestions and ideas about new cars and how they are designed.

Once we started with cable, next was our RCA cables.  This included using technology from the pro audio world like a "Hum/Buzz Shield" and Mylar Shielding.  We set out to build the best performing RCA on the planet and we succeeded with our original XS series, and eventually transferring into our US Series and current PS series RCA.  We patented our own Compression Tip end as well to make sure and keep your RCAs grounded like they should for many years.  

 As we continue into the future, our goal not only remains the same but we want your help to help us innovate.  We love to hear from our customers and dealers to know what "works" and what doesn't.  Keep an eye on our Blog and you will see us posting helpful articles and tech writeups as well.  We will do anything to help our this great community of car audio.

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