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  • WS8-250R/B - 8 Gauge Power/Ground Wire OFC and Real AWG (Spools)

WS8-250R/B - 8 Gauge Power/Ground Wire OFC and Real AWG (Spools)




With Hooker Audio Pro Series power wire you alway get the best possible option for your vehicle.  From the OFC, Oxygen Free Copper, wiring to the true AWG, American Wire Gauge, sizing.

  • 8 AWG Size
  • 99.9% OFC Wire with no Tin or Aluminum
  • 365 Strands for Max Flexibility
  • Capable of 125 Amps up to 19 Feet
  • Sold in rolls of 250 feet
  • Red and Black in Color

365 Strands?!  Why do you have so few strands when this brand has over 800!?  

Well my friend, let me explain.  More strands with the same gauge of wire just means you are using more thinner stands to make the AWG size wire you want.  Smaller strands will make the wire more flexible but when you bend it the individual strands break and cause gaps in the connection.  More gaps means more resistance as the power passes through.  While it is easier to say "More is Better!" and sell you on that lie, I believe our engineering and research shows that we are making the superior product.

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